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Black River Harbor History

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The Black River harbor is a perfect place to go and take the family kayaking the harbor itself is a part of the national Forest scenic byways and it runs all the way through different levels of force. Read through the Ottawa national Forest throughout the US and Michigan. The area is actually very famous for some certain waterfalls and large attractions including different areas to go kayaking. The area has also been a great unknown place for fishing and has a lot of different places where you can relax and cast your lure and go out on a day with the family. When the byway was first recognized it was used as a road throughout the 1840s and went on to become a country road in the 1920s.

Its designation as a byway was later created within the 1992 year.


Tourism is a great part of the byway and people are encouraged to come from all over and the byway facilitates visitors from all over different places such as Canada and Minnesota.

In recent times. It is also become a very important and popular fishing destination, especially for kayak fishers and regular fishers alike. If your researching the purchase of a kayak there are many options you can choose the best fishing kayak here.


There is also a nationally known in equestrian school nearby that attracts many different visitors. The area has been a host to different taverns that have been built throughout the Great Depression and has been a popular spot

according to the history of the area. There were surveys for a road in Chippewa hill of the Black River harbor and the road was built in 1904 with the express purpose of connecting the waterfront with Bessemar. Finally it became officially designated as a national or scenic by way during about April 1991. This was due to a desire to showcase it as a great tourist attraction and the designation was finally confirmed with the ceremony.